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Women's Center

The birth of a new standard of care for women in southern WV is now here with the opening of the Women's Center at Logan Regional Medical Center.

The new Center has a highly skilled staff prepared to use the most modern, technologically advanced equipment available.

The nurses have received special training through the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses and the Neonatal Resuscitation Program.

All rooms are private and the labor/delivery/recovery rooms are specially designed to make sure mothers and babies feel comfortable and welcomed. These rooms are maintained to allow the mother to occupy the same room from admission to discharge. Should the need for C-Section surgery arise, an area designated for that purpose is located on the same floor. This eliminates the need to transport the patient and newborn beyond this area.

The unit is also equipped with the HUGS infant security system. This system will allow nurses to know the exact location of newborn at all times. A bracelet is placed on the baby's ankle at the time of birth. This bracelet will sound an alarm if the baby is taken near an exit or a restricted area.

The Center also has a spacious viewing area for all family members to get a first look at the new baby. You may also direct friends and relatives to a special Web Nursery internet site. The facility offers this to allow those unable to visit the hospital a chance to see the new arrival on their home computer.

Visiting hours for the Women's Center will be 11am to 8pm. The patient will be allowed two visitors during the labor process and all visitors must be registered.

Expectant mothers are encouraged to pre-register at the main hospital when they are approximately 32 to 36 weeks into their pregnancy. This will allow the patients addimission to proceed quicker.

The Women's Center is part of the $18 million dollar, 42,000 square foot expansion at LRMC.