Logan Regional Medical Center Assists with Stop the Bleed Program

 “Stop the Bleed” is a national awareness campaign that was incepted shortly after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. This program’s purpose is to train and empower civilians to act as immediate responders and stop perfuse bleeding in emergencies such as mass casualty situations, shootings, stabbings, terror attacks, natural disasters, or other trauma- related events. The most frequent cause of preventable death from an injury is serious bleeding from a wounded extremity. According to the CDC, an injured person with a compromised artery can bleed out within a 3-5 minute time frame, and it often takes first responders between 5-8 minutes to arrive on the scene. Too often, victims pass away because they cannot obtain appropriate medical assistance due to the delay between police clearing the scene and the arrival of Emergency Services Personnel.  This program teaches bystanders, who are not medically trained professionals, to stop bleeding and save lives when each second counts. The Logan County Board of Education purchased Bleeding Control Kits for each school in the county to be utilized in the event that an individual would become severely wounded.  Each kit includes gloves, bleeding control dressings that promote blood clotting, and tourniquets. Several Logan County school nurses have participated in the hands-on training and will in turn train teachers, principals, secretaries, and other employees who may act as immediate responders at their respective schools. Brandi Davis- Perry, Trauma Coordinator of Logan Regional Medical Center, stated “This is training that I hope will never be used in our schools, but in the event it is needed, it would prove to be invaluable. We are committed to assuring that every school in our county receives the Stop the Bleed training.” For those who have any questions about receiving “Stop the Bleed” training, contact Brandie Davis-Perry at 304-831-1888. Visit https://www.bleedingcontrol.org/ to learn more!