Mommy and Me Childbirth Education 

Logan Regional Medical Center is now offering "Mommy and Me Childbirth Education Classes" on the last Thursday of each month in the OB classroom. These classes are free to the community and cover many topics from labor and delivery and beyond. Dads are encouraged to attend the classes with expectant moms. Each class is from 6:00 - 7:30 pm. Refreshments are provided at each class session. Sign up today by calling 304.831.1245.

Topics Covered 

  • Mom taking care of herself during pregnancy (Perinatal Care)
  • Getting ready for the big event!
    • What to bring to the hospital for Mom and baby
  • What to expect and complications during Labor and Delivery
    • Methods of deliveries
    • Possible complications
    • Pain control
  • What to expect after delivery of an infant
    • Kangaroo Care (Skin to Skin)
    • Breastfeeding techniques and benefits
    • Postpartum care
  • Visitation Policy
  • Infant security during hospital stay
  • Basic infant care
  • Infant safety
    • CPR
    • Infant choking
    • Safe sleep
  • Tour of Women's Center

To find out more information about the Mommy and Me Childbirth Education Program at Logan Regional Medical Center or to sign up for a class, please call: 304.831.1245.